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Basic Awareness & Preparedness for Emergencies Workshops in Syria

The Health Department of the ICRC Damascus delegation as part of their earthquake response support to the Syrian emergency response services, are currently conducting a series of “Basic Awareness & Preparedness for Emergencies Workshops” in the earthquake affected areas in the Nort-West of Syria.

2023 ICRC Syria1w

As part of these workshops Emergo Train System is used as tool for table top exercises to support the learning from the recent devastating mass casualty incident and to increase the response capacity of the local Ministry of Health (MoH) ambulance crews.

2023 ICRC Syria2w

2023 ICRC Syria3w

2023 ICRC Syria4w

About ETS

Emergo Train System (ETS) is an academic / educational simulation system used in several countries around the world for training and testing the preparedness and management of emergencies, major incidents and disasters.

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