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SIC in New Zealand

February 16-18 a ETS Senior instructor course was held in Auckland, New Zealand. ETS have been used by St John in New Zealand since 2008.

Senior instructor course in UAE

In January the ETS faculty in United Arab Emirates held a Senior Instructor course in Al Ain hospital. During the course 14 new Senior instructors were certified and one new ETS Educator.

International Senior instructor course November 2015

In November 2015 an international Senior instructor course was held by the ETS Competence center in Sweden. 18 students from 10 different countries are now certified ETS Senior instructors and can run exercises in their own country. During the course they learned how to plan, set up, run and evaluate simulation exercises with Emergo Train System.

International ETS workshop in Toyama June 6 2015

On June 6 was the third international Emergo Train System workshop held in Toyama, Japan. The workshop was held at the Japanese Emergency Conference. There were ETS Senior instructors and Educators from Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Kenya and Sweden present.

International Senior instructor course May 2015

In May 5-7 an international Emergo Train System Senior instructor course was held by the ETS Competence center in Linköping, Sweden. The 21 participants were from Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Finland, Kenya, Korea and Hungary.

SIC in Japan March 2015

An Emergo Train System (ETS) Senior instructor course was conducted March 13-15 in Toyama by the ETS Educator faculty in Japan. A total of 20 doctors and nurses completed the program.

About ETS

Emergo Train System (ETS) is an academic / educational simulation system used in several countries around the world for training and testing the preparedness and management of emergencies, major incidents and disasters.

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