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ETS Decontamination at hospital set version 4!

A new updated version 4 of the Decontamination at hospital set is now available. The set can for example be used for testing the decontamination organization or testing the surge capacity regarding lack of material or personnel.

The material consist of a victim bank with 200 patients of which 100 have been exposed to irritant gases (for ex ammonia), 50 been exposed to cyanide and 50 exposed to nerve agents (for ex Sarin). All patients have a management card.

Patienter DDEN C4 front w     Patienter DDEN C4 back w     Journalkort DDEN C4 front w     Journalkort DDEN C4 back w 


Included in the set is also:

  • magnetic symbols illustrating resources (for ex stretcher, shower, monitor, CPAP, ECMO)
  • signs for designing the decontamination unit
  • activity and treatment stickers
  • templates for helping setting up and evaluating an exercise
  • manual including scenario guideline

In version 4 of the Decontamination at hospital set:

  • all patients have undergone a medical review and update
  • new patients been added
  • revision of the existing ETS patient outcome categories for chemical exposure
  • revision and update of the activity and treatments of chemically exposed patients

The Decontamination at hospital set is available in different sizes. Read more here >>> or contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

About ETS

Emergo Train System (ETS) is an academic / educational simulation system used in several countries around the world for training and testing the preparedness and management of emergencies, major incidents and disasters.

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