ETS Pediatric trauma victim bank now in Dutch!

The Pediatric trauma victim bank (Kinder trauma slachtoffer bank) is now available in Dutch. The victim bank is available in medium (100 patients) and small (50 patients). All patients have a management card. The age range of the patients are from infants up to 17 years old.

FB pediatric trauma NL 2021 webb


Special pediatric subcategories have been added to the existing patient outcome categories since the time within measures should be performed to avoid preventable death is lower for children and depends also on the age of the child. 

The victim bank have been developed by the ETS Competence center and tested in exercises held at Södersjukhuset and Sachsska Children Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden and by the ETS faculty in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Special thanks to the ETS faculty in Zwolle for the help with translation of the victim bank to Dutch.