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ETS Training Material


The Emergo Train System® (ETS) consists of magnetic symbols that are placed on whiteboards to illustrate for example a disaster scene or assembly point of a hospital. The core of ETS is a victim bank with injured patients divided into categories depending on the type of the injuries. The ETS Instructor in an exercise can choose suitable patients for a particular scenario. Maps, different frames and models, and pictures are also included in the material to help construct the simulation.

The ETS training material version 4 is available in pre-designed sets: Pre-hospital set and Hospital set. The sets are available in sizes large, medium and small. To the Pre-hospital and Hospital sets you connect victim banks/in-hospital patient banks according to your needs. The victim banks and in-hospital patient banks are also available in different sizes.

In version 4, all victim/patient banks have undergone a complete medical review and update. More parameters have been added to the victim banks which means that patients can be designed to fit different triage systems. A revision has also been made in the patient outcome which starts at 30 min after injury instead of 1 hour.

The ETS management cards have a new design in version 4 that also shows time on X-ray and Post-op. To the in-hospital patients, a template is included with answers of what the patient needs regarding interventions and level of care. The patient banks are available in different sizes to suit the user's needs. For example the trauma victim bank is available in large (200 patients), medium (100 patients) and small (50 patients).

ETS version 4 is available in available in different languages.

The ETS training packages are described below.  

If you like to know more about the ETS training material, content of the sets and prices, please contact the ETS Competence centre  

If you are a certified ETS Senior instructor, you can get access to information about the sets on this website (when you are logged in). 


To purchase and use the ETS training material it is required to be an ETS Senior instructor. Read more about the ETS Senior instructor course here   



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About ETS

Emergo Train System (ETS) is an academic / educational simulation system used in several countries around the world for training and testing the preparedness and management of emergencies, major incidents and disasters.

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