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Emergo Train System (ETS)

Emergo Train System (ETS) is a interactive educational simulation system developed at the Centre for Teaching and Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology (KMC) at the University of Linköping, Sweden. 


ETS can be used for education, training and simulations of emergencies and disasters. ETS can be used to test and evaluate incident command systems, hospital preparedness and surge capacity.


Emergo Train System also consists of a training concept with an association of ETS Educator faculties who run Senior instructor courses around the world. ETS have been spread in to over 30 countries and over 1 200 ETS Senior instructors have been certified. 

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ETS developments - figurant cards


A new set of ETS figurant cards have now been released. 


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Register on the ETS website


Are you an ETS Senior instructor/ETS Educator? If so, register on the ETS website!

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International ETS workshop in Toyama June 6 2015


On June 6 an international Emergo Train System Workshop was held in
Toyama, Japan6 2015 
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International Senior instructor course


International ETS Senior instructor courses are held at KMC in Linköping, Sweden

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Emergo Train System newsletter December 2015




Emergo Train System newsletter
December 2015






International SIC in Sweden November 2015


An international SIC was held in Sweden November 2015

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